Khan Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd.

Islamabad/Rawalpindi Pakistan.

1,500tpd High Efficiency Waste to Energy (WtE) facility for Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

The company Khan Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. (KREL) is Special Purpose Company (SPC) consist of strong and knowledgeable partners in the field of waste-to-energy plants, has the ambition to develop and construct a world-class “beyond best available technology” facility for (WtE) in Islamabad / Rawalpindi, with a capacity of processing 1500 tons of waste per day, producing around 40 MW of electricity which it will sell to the grid.

The federal capital of Pakistan has not yet implemented a high-tech waste management system which was one of the goals of The Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad and Rawalpindi (MCI), created in 2015.

The existing dumpsites have either reached or are approaching full capacity in the near future. The population of the Islamabad metropolitan area (more than 5 million people) produce an increasing amount of waste each year, while there is no designated sanitary landfill site. According to World Bank studies, by 2050 Pakistan is estimated to generate 53.8m tons of municipal solid waste per annum.

At this moment, the residents of informal settlements in Islamabad/Rawalpindi have no alternative but to burn waste or dump rubbish along the banks of the nearby river. This leads to pollution and potential flooding from clogged waterways, as well as high chance of plastic waste being washed down to the oceans.

For this reason, KREL is specifically set-up to pursue opportunities in Pakistan to develop wasteto-energy plants with HARVEST (Known as Awect)’s High Efficiency Technology. Therefore, Khan Renewable Energy would like to develop a waste-to-energy facility with a capacity of 1500 tpd.